Creative Intelligence

As a strategic product & industrial design agency we generate visionary future scenarios using agile methods, develop creative ideas and design intelligent products and interfaces for innovative companies and start-ups.

Industrial Design


pdlab evaluates the basic needs of your consumers and their expectations of your products and develops design solutions to guarantee the sustainable success of your brand.

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Smart strategies in the digital age

Produktdesign Skizze - Design sketch

Together we analyze all the relevant factors, generate intelligent solutions, develop sophisticated future scenarios and use them to develop innovative strategies for smart products, interfaces and services to guarantee the future success of your brand.

From the first sketch to the final product

Produkt Design Sketch

We guide you through all steps of the product development process, starting with the first product design sketch all the way to valid and production-ready CAD data for the final engineering.

Form Follows Technology

Industrial Design

We design the perfect shape for your technological achievements. In addition to our aesthetic and ergonomic standards, we will also implement our “design to cost” approach. This will give your products a competitive edge in international markets. This also applies to highly complex capital goods.

Intuitive User Experiences

User Interface Design pdlab Stuttgart

We analyze and evaluate the specific needs for digital interaction interfaces and derive intuitive user interfaces for mobile apps, user interfaces and HMI designs for a wide variety of devices and industries.

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User-Centered Design & Development

The balancing act of between desirability, feasibility and viability

pdlab evaluates the user within the global, economic, technological and social change in the society and implements the resulting tasks for various industries with the help of agile innovations and design processes

Design Thinking!

 As an innovation tool, design thinking is an integral part of our user-centered design process


Interdisciplinary teams answer various questions about the needs and motivations of people. Based on these findings, solutions are developed, prototypes are mapped very early and tested on the user. Design Thinking Workshops are also suitable for releasing existing and unused potentials in companies.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Training

If you are constantly facing complex challenges, we will be happy to introduce you to Design Thinking. Through our workshops you will be able to generate new ideas for innovative strategies, products, processes and services systematically, very quickly and very effectively in interdisciplinary group processes with Design Thinking.


Implement Design Thinking and lead your projects to success!

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Design Expertise

Dipl. designer Özkan Isik has created internationally awarded products for global brands in Germany and abroad during his career. His strong interest in agile innovation methods, new materials and technologies makes him a sought-after innovator for a wide variety of industries. He builded up pdlab as one of the most innovative design studios in Germany.

Özkan Isik Stuttgart

Design Minds

Design & Innovation Insights

The industrial design briefing as a success factor

Have you ever been involved in a product design project where the results have really disappointed you? Where all the efforts, travels, reviews, sketches, renderings and mock-ups were in vain? The causes may have been different, but maybe the main reason was just the project briefing.  Read more >> 

Successful product design understands the intention of the user

What is the use of a stylish and feature-overloaded product when it has been developed beyond the needs or expectations of the user. This can easily happen, if no user research, no customer journey mapping, no field tests or other user-oriented research processes have taken place.    Read more >> 

The reason why machines are also designed

Often I hear from outsiders the question: “It is clear that a mobile phone need to have a pleasing design. But why are CNC machine tools or cranes designed? They just have to function well and be safe to operate”   Read more >> 

Design rhetoric: language for the form?

When I first came across the word design rhetoric, I could not imagine what it could be meant by it. However, on closer examination I found a similar approach to applied product design processes in our everyday professional life.   Read more >>